Central New Jersey Summer Service Research Internship

Do you want to propose your own summer research internship in central New Jersey?

First-year students interested in participating in Service Focus can propose their own research internship at an organization within 45 minutes of campus.  Preference will be given to proposals where you work with an organization with which you are already familiar.  The program funds students to work for their host organization for 9 weeks and to participate in weekly programming on campus designed to support their summer service research project and future academic work.  You will receive a stipend of $4,500, and there is an additional allowance for travel to and from campus of up to $200 to attend weekly programming. 

ProCES Central NJ Summer Service Research Internship

Sponsored by Service Focus

How it works:

You identify an organization in central New Jersey (or southeast Pennsylvania - within 45 minutes of Princeton campus) that is willing to host you as an intern for 9 weeks in the summer (early June – early August).  You propose the internship to ProCES by sending the following materials/information to proces@princeton.edu  by 2/21/19:

  • a statement that describes the following:
    • why you want to work at the non-profit organization,
    • if you’ve worked with the organization, what kind of work you’ve done in the past,
    • your contact (name, title, e-mail address, and phone number) at the organization and a summary of the conversations you have had about your ideas for your summer plans,
    • how you plan on working with the organization differently as a summer research intern
  • a resume,
  • the name, phone number, title, and e-mail address of a reference we can contact, and
  • an unofficial copy of your transcript through Oracle.

ProCES will review applications and get in touch with the non-profit organization to discuss and perhaps modify your ideas for your summer work.  The staff will help identify specific research questions and projects that you could work on over the course of the summer.  Once projects are developed and agreed upon and the internship is secured, you will apply to Service Focus.


Here's information you can share with a non-profit organization you want to approach:

Princeton University’s Central New Jersey Summer Service Research Internship program provides non-profit organizations with a paid research intern for 9 weeks in the summer (early June – early August).  Students will work somewhat independently on projects identified by the organization with the assistance and support of the University’s Program for Community-Engaged Scholarship (ProCES).  ProCES has worked successfully with students and nonprofit organizations on summer research internships in the Princeton-Trenton area for over 15 years.  These internships are designed to enhance the capacity of the organization.

The bulk of the intern’s time will be spent on the agreed upon research projects, either working on site, on campus (at one of the University’s libraries), or at home.  Some time can be spent on the regular work of the nonprofit in order to gain a deeper understanding of how the non-profit organization operates.  Students will participate in on-campus programming 1 day each week.

Potential projects include analyzing data, engaging in a literature or best practices reviews, designing assessments, collecting data, developing curricula for programming, generating research-based text for websites, and interviewing or surveying clients.  ProCES staff will work with the student and non-profit staff to develop projects and ideas.