Propose your own community-engaged research internship

ProCES offers enrolled students the opportunity to propose your own summer internship with a non-profit organization, community group, or government agency.  Internships supported by ProCES allow you to apply your academic skills to the information needs of a host organization and to understand the crucial role of knowledge and research in creating social change.  Your internship work should be of an academic nature and provide a direct benefit to your host organization.  You will also be able to learn from the expertise of community leaders and represent Princeton University in the broader community.  During your internship you may have the opportunity to refine a research question for an organization, conduct a literature review on a question of interest to your organization, collect or analyze new data, and/or practice research strategies relevant to your junior paper or senior thesis. Potential projects could also include some of the following activities: engaging in archival research, creating best practices reviews, designing assessments, developing curricula, generating research-based text and content for websites or grants, and interviewing or surveying clients.  For more examples, see the profiles of several of ProCES’s 2020 Derian summer research interns in this Princeton news story.

The Derian Student Internship fund is named in honor of Patricia "Patt" Derian, a human rights activist and a U.S. State Department official in President Carter's administration.

Please note! The Derian Internship has been placed on hold for Summer 2022.  ProCES will update the site when the next iteration of the program commences.

My internship...helped me prepare for my thesis [and] it also taught me the lasting impact research can have on communities…I realized community-based research was a great way to step out of the classroom and make creative solutions for real-life issues. With the mentors and resources of [ProCES] as well as the welcoming atmosphere of my internship site, I gained a variety of skills that proved useful to my college studies and beyond. ~Amani Rush, class of 2016