Derian Internship: Faculty-Led, Community-Engaged Research

Internship work is of an academic nature and provides benefit to faculty and community partner initiatives. Community-based partners, faculty, and interns collaborate to co-create projects and knowledge. 

Through the internship, students may have the opportunity to refine a research question for a community-engaged project, conduct a literature review on a question of interest, collect or analyze new data, and/or practice research strategies relevant to future or current research. Projects may include the following activities: filmmaking; engaging in archival research; creating best practices reviews; designing assessments; developing curricula; generating research-based text and content for websites or grants; and/or interviewing or surveying community members.  

The Derian Student Internship fund is named in honor of Patricia "Patt" Derian, a human rights activist and a U.S. State Department official in President Carter's administration.

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My internship...helped me prepare for my thesis [and] it also taught me the lasting impact research can have on communities…I realized community-based research was a great way to step out of the classroom and make creative solutions for real-life issues. With the mentors and resources of [ProCES] as well as the welcoming atmosphere of my internship site, I gained a variety of skills that proved useful to my college studies and beyond. ~Amani Rush, class of 2016