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Connect Courses with Community Knowledge and Priorities  

ProCES courses connect community perspectives, knowledge, and priorities with academic work. Depending on the course, you might:

  • develop a theater piece with local youth or create a film;
  • review the scholarly literature on a key issue for the staff of a busy nonprofit organization;
  • debate ethical or theoretical understandings of service or community-engaged work; or
  • evaluate potential responses to societal needs through the lens of a particular academic discipline.

ProCES courses have either a required (R) or optional (O) community-engaged or -oriented learning component. Course Offerings indicates these attributes based on the following descriptions:

  • Community-Engaged Learning Component Required (R) indicates that all students will engage with community-based knowledge through activities such as in-class discussion, guest speakers, public presentations, site visits, or research.
  • Community-Engaged Learning Component Optional (O) indicates that students may select community-engaged or -oriented course experiences or assignments.

Search Course Offerings or see below for Spring 2023 ProCES courses 

Note that the description beneath each course indicates the types(s) of community work offered within the course.

AMS 415 Land and Story in Native America (R)
Tessa Desmond and Sarah Rivett
engagement with guest speakers; site visits/field trips; community-engaged learning activity and reflection paper

ANT 240/HUM 240 Medical Anthropology (R)
Sebastián Ramírez
research and reflection through projects with community partners

ANT 311 Food, Culture and Society (O)
Hanna Garth
ethnographic project with community partners

ASA 332 Asian Americans and Identity Politics (O)
Elizabeth Rubio
guest speakers from activist organizations; potential site visits and volunteer work; public-facing versions of final projects for community use

ASL 102 Beginner's Sign Language II (R)
Daniel Maier
visit to Deaf community events

ASL 107 Advanced American Sign Language (R)
Noah Buchholz
visit to Deaf community events

COS 333 Advanced Programming Techniques (O)
Robert Dondero
software development project with community partner

DAN 306 Introduction to Radical Access: Disability Justice in the Arts (R)
Christopher Núñez
engagement with guest artists from the disability justice arts community

DAN 310 The Arts of Urban Transition (R)
Judith Hamera, Aaron Landsman, Aaron Shkuda
engagement with guest speakers; site visits/field trips

DAN 316 Dance in Education: Dance/Theater Pedagogy (R)
Rebecca Stenn
regular engagement with youth in local community organizations via instruction of movement/dance classes

EGR 200/ENT 200 Creativity, Innovation, and Design (O)
Majora Carter, Christopher MacPherson, Jessica Leung
development of design project with community partner

EGR 250/251, 350/351, 450/451 Community Project Studios (R)
(see various course descriptions at the Office of the Registrar’s Course Offerings page)
Jessica Leung, Michael Littman, Robert Van Varick
development of design project with community partner

EGR/SOC/HIS 277 Technology and Society (O)
Mihir Kshirsagar
content, reflection, and analysis of community engagement, social inequality, and community-based expertise  

ENV 327 Investigating an Ethos of Sustainability at Princeton (R)
Shana Weber
guest speakers; final project that explores a sustainability issue on campus and proposes responses

FRE 372 Migration, Diversity and Diaspora: Francophone Community-Engagement (R)
Sandra Blaise
guest speakers; site visit to NYC-based language program for youth from Francophone countries; weekly programming to engage with afterschool program participants   

FRS 112 Imprisoned Minds: Religion and Philosophy from Jail (R)
Mark Edwards
engagement with guest speakers; site visit/field trip

FRS 132 Libraries: Palaces and Opioid Clinics (R)
Anu Vedantham
engagement with guest speakers; site visit/field trip to public library/libraries

FRS 154 Before and After the Wall: US/Mexico Border Fictions (R)
Nadia Cervantes Pérez
community engagement TBD

GEO 360 Topics in Environmental Justice in the Geosciences (R)
John Higgins
outreach project to provide chemical analysis of urban tap water to Trenton residents; engagement with community experts and members 

HUM 470 Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities: Justice Then and Now (O)
Joshua Billings and Moulie Vidas
engagement with guest speakers and community members

JPN 306 Integrative Advanced Japanese II (O)
Tomoko Shibata
engagement with local Japanese speakers

JPN 402 Readings in Modern Japanese II (O)
Yukari Tokumasu
engagement with local Japanese speakers

JPN 408 Contemporary Japanese Language and Culture II (O)
Tomoko Shibata and Shinji Sato
engagement with local Japanese speakers

LIN 205 A Survey of American Sign Language (R)
Noah Buchholz
visit to Deaf community events

SOC 314 Poverty, by America (R)
Matthew Desmond
engagement with guest speakers; site visits; final project organized around community partner priorities

Please note: application is required for SOC 314. Submit your application to join here:

SPA 204 Spanish for Medical Caravan in Ecuador (R)
Paloma Moscardó-Vallés
engagement with guest speakers in preparation for in-country engagement

Please note that selection is by interview only. Contact the faculty member for details.

SPA 205 Medical Spanish (R)
Paloma Moscardó-Vallés
engagement with guest speakers around barriers to healthcare access and community-based solutions

SPA/LAO 304 Spanish in the Community (R)
Alberto Bruzos Moro
volunteer opportunities in arts education programming

SPI 331 Race and Public Policy (O)
Doug Massey
opportunity to choose a course topic with civic implications drawing upon field experience for a short paper

TPP 301 Seminar on Student Learning and Methods for Teaching (O)
Todd Kent
observation and engagement in a school-based project

URB 202 Documentary Film and the City (R)
Purcell Carson
mini-documentary making with Trenton community members  


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