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ProCES courses connect community perspectives, knowledge, and priorities with academic work. Depending on the course, you might:

  • Create a documentary film that sheds light on previously neglected historical perspectives;
  • Review and summarize the scholarly literature on a key issue for the staff of a busy nonprofit organization;
  • Grapple with ethical, critical, or theoretical understandings of and approaches to community and academic collaboration;
  • Learn from responses to pressing societal challenges through the lens of a particular academic discipline.

ProCES courses have either a required (R) or optional (O) community-engaged or -oriented learning component. Course Offerings indicates these attributes based on the following descriptions:

  • Community-Engaged Learning Component Required (R) indicates that all students will engage with community-based knowledge through activities such as in-class discussion, guest speakers, public presentations, site visits, or research.
  • Community-Engaged Learning Component Optional (O) indicates that students may select community-engaged or -oriented course experiences or assignments.

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Note that the description beneath each course indicates the types(s) of community work offered within the course. Also, this list is dynamic and may be changed. Please check back to confirm offerings prior to the new semester.

AMS 406 Advanced Seminar in American Studies: The Disney Industrial Complex (O)
Bill Gleason
produce a paper or creative work with a critical reflection that grapples with a central problem of the course and provides opportunities for engagement with a community audience

ANT 219/ENV 219 Catastrophes across Cultures: The Anthropology of Disaster (O)
Ryo Morimoto
research environmental policy in collaboration with a local community-based partner

ANT 263 Justice (R)
Sebastián Ramírez
community-based collaborative research and audiovisual or artistic project based on community engagement work in criminal justice reform

ANT 314 Anthropology of Development (O)
Carolyn Rouse
option to identify an assignment into which community perspectives or priorities can be incorporated

ASA 201/ENG 209 Introduction to Asian American Studies (O)
Shirley Wang
visits to community-based meeting of nonprofit; walking tour of relevant sites with community-based partners 

ASL 101 Beginner's Sign Language (R)
Daniel Maier
visit to Deaf community events

ASL 105 Advanced American Sign Language (R)
Noah Buchholz
visit to Deaf community events

CBE 411/MOL 411 Antibiotics: from Cradle to Grave (O)
Mark Brynildsen
guest speakers who offer feedback on written work; option to identify an assignment into which community perspectives or priorities can be incorporated

CEE 102A/EGR 102A/MAE 102A Engineering in the Modern World (O)
Michael Littman
option to identify an assignment into which community perspectives or priorities can be incorporated

COS 333 Advanced Programming Techniques (O)
Robert Dondero and David Walker
software development project with community partner

EAS/ANT 418 Topics in the Anthropology of Japan (R)
Amy Bovoroy
engagement with guest speakers and local site visits linked to aging

EGR 200/ENT 200 Creativity, Innovation, and Design (O)
Christopher MacPherson and Alice Kogan
option to identify an assignment into which community perspectives or priorities can be incorporated

EGR 250/251, 350/351, 450/451 Community Project Studios (O)

EGR 361/ENT 361 /URB 361/AAS 348 The Reclamation Studio: Applying Humanistic Design to Systemic Bias in Community Development (R)
Majora Carter
learn from and contribute towards efforts of local social entrepreneurs via humanistic design frameworks

ENG 415 Topics in Literature and Ethics: Writing About Refugees (O)
Simon Gikandi
engagement with community-based guest speakers

ENV 248/ANT 248 Neoliberal Natures: Society, Justice and Environmental Futures (R)
Kevon Rhiney
participation in the brainstorming and co-organization of a symposium with community participation 

ENV 251 Coming to Our Senses: Climate Justice - Climate Change in Film, Photography and Popular Culture (R)
Anne McClintock
engage in site visits to explore course themes in the context of community settings and initiatives

FRE 372 Migration, Diversity and Diaspora: Francophone Community-Engagement (R)
Sandra Blaise
weekly online programming that engages with French Language Heritage Program afterschool program participants for language and college access exchange; site visit to NYC-based language and culture program; host afterschool program participants on campus at Princeton

FRS 101 Get Your Kicks (R)
Andrew Buher
collaboration with local nonprofit(s)

FRS 105 Saving Seeds (R)
Tessa Desmond
visits to local farm and garden; engagement with community-based guest speakers

FRS 143 Is Politics a Performance? (R)
Aaron Landsman
visits to and engagement with meetings of local city government

FRS 191 Environmental and Climate Justice (R)
Nathan Jessee
site visits; community-based guest speakers

HIS 388/URB 388/AMS 380/AAS 388 Unrest and Renewal in Urban America (O)
Alison Isenberg
opportunities to pursue projects and/or research in public history and arts and humanities collaborations; walking tours of relevant sites 

JPN 305 Integrative Advanced Japanese (R)
Tomoko Shibata
engagement with local Japanese speakers

JPN 401 Readings in Modern Japanese (O)
Yukari Tokumasu
engagement with local Japanese speakers

JPN 407 Contemporary Japanese Language and Culture (O)
Tomoko Shibata and Shinji Sato
engagement with local Japanese speakers

JRN 449 International News; Migration Reporting (R)
Deborah Amos
students will receive training in trauma-informed journalism and report from the field during a Fall Break study trip

MOL 460/STC 460/GHP 460 Diseases in Children: Causes, Costs, and Choices (R)
Dan Notterman
research project in response to and informed by medical and health research questions with community impact

POL 210 Political Theory (O)
Anna Stilz
community-based conversations around resonant themes and texts of the course

SPA 205 Medical Spanish (R)
Paloma Moscardó-Vallés
engagement with guest speakers around barriers to healthcare access and community-based solutions

SPA 233 Languages of the Americas (R)
Dunia Catalina Méndez Vallejo
engagement with guest speakers; visit to relevant off-campus sites; reflective exercises 

SPA 250/LSA 250/HUM 251/LAO 250 Identity in the Spanish-Speaking World (R)
Mariana Bono
engagement with guest speakers; reflective exercises 

SPA/LAO 304 Spanish in the Community (R)
Alberto Bruzos Moro
engagement with Spanish speakers in the local community

SPA/TRA 368 Found in Translation: The Theory and Practice of Spanish-English Translation (R)
Catalina Arango
engagement with translators and interpreters from the local community

SPI 390 Race, Ethnicity, Space & Place: Exclusion, Confinement & Transformation (RESPECT) (O)
Melissa Valle
exposure to local community members

TPP 301 Seminar on Student Learning and Methods for Teaching (O)
Todd Kent
observation and engagement in a school-based project

THR 451 Theater Rehearsal and Performance (R)
Tess James, Chesney Snow, Shariffa Ali
Participate in rehearsing and performing a musical adaptation of Winter's Tale in collaboration with community arts groups from Trenton, Camden and Princeton, and with an ensemble composed of Princeton students and community members working together

URB/ARC/HUM/AMS 300 Urban Studies Research Seminar (O)
Aaron Shkuda
engagement with guest speakers; walking tours of relevant off-campus sites

URB 385/SOC 385/HUM 385/ARC 385 Mapping Gentrification (O)
Aaron Shkuda
engagement with guest speakers; walking tours of relevant off-campus sites


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