THR students: apply to McCarter Theatre Center/ProCES for research and hands on teaching opportunity

March 9, 2022

Summer internship in reflexive teaching practices in the performing arts

This summer internship at the McCarter Theatre Center, as part of ProCES internship program, asks students to bring hands on teaching experience in a theater summer camp into conversation with these core questions:

  • What are the benefits of a reflexive teaching practice within a school, community, or professional theatre setting?
  • What is the difference between product and process? How do they align, compete, or engage with one another?
  • How does engaging in a creative practice impact participants socially and emotionally?
  • What is the role and responsibility of an educator? How do their background and core beliefs impact their approach to teaching and their relationship with their students?
  • What tools can a teaching artist use to cultivate an open, safe, and creative space where learning and exploration flow organically?

This ProCES internship at McCarter Theatre Center will blend research, reflection, dialogue, and practical classroom experience as methods for exploring these questions.

The intern will participate as an assistant teaching artist in the McCarter Summer Theater camp, while also meeting regularly with other ProCES interns in other fields and participating in personal research centered around the above questions. The intern will meet regularly with Brooke Boertzel, Director of Education and Engagement at the McCarter, as well as with faculty and guest artists of the Princeton theater program. One book that will anchor the experience is The Reflexive Teaching Artist, Collected Wisdom from the Drama/Theatre Field by Katheryn Dawson and Daniel Kelin, which includes a series of case-study experiences written by teaching artists in a wide range of community settings. One culminating project for the intern might be to write a final "chapter" in the style of the book based on their overall learning and experience.

ProCES internships include a $4,800 stipend, and the time-frame of the internship is June 6th to Friday July 29th 2022. Students are responsible for their own food and housing.

To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and the contact information of one reference who can speak to either your academic skills or work ethic to Priority deadline is March 20, 2022. The application process is expected to go quickly; if you receive an offer, you will have 5 business days to accept or decline.


Questions?  Contact Jane Cox (, Brooke Boertzel (, or Maria Lockwood