Summer Internship with The Seed Farm @ Princeton

Feb. 23, 2022

The Seed Farm @ Princeton is a new research project focused on studying heirloom seeds and traditional farming practices. The Seed Farm works in partnership with several community organizations to support efforts to reconnect communities with culturally important seeds. In collaboration with our community partners, we establish research questions regarding the history and cultural significance of heirloom seeds as well as the science of plant mutualisms and other traditional farming practices.

The Seed Farm is just getting started. It is a farm project based at the Stony Ford Research Site in Princeton, NJ. During summer 2022, we will be breaking ground to plant and tend our first season of crops. Interns will be growing corn, beans, squash, and sunflowers for the Turtle Clan of Northern New Jersey and supporting tribal efforts to rematriate ancestral seeds to their community for use at their tribal farm, the Munsee Three Sisters Medicinal Farm. Interns will also be working with Ujamaa Cooperative Farming Alliance to catalog seeds that have cultural significance within the African Diaspora and with the Experimental Farm Network to identify heirloom seeds and plant varieties that offer promise for climate resilience. There will be a community of students working together at the seed farm. All interns will spend time working in the field—planting, weeding, watering—and time conducting research with and for our community partners. We expect to have between 5-7 Princeton undergraduate interns at the farm this summer.

Qualifications: Students from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds are invited to apply. The team will be selected based on complementary skill sets, and projects will be assigned accordingly. Skills that will prove especially useful include: knowledge of vegetable gardening; experience with archival research, database development, or web design; interest in natural systems and working with natural systems; ability to work well in a team. One intern will focus on documenting the development of The Seed Farm, which will include photo documentation as well as contributing content to a website.

Details: Internships at The Seed Farm @ Princeton are supported by the Program for Community-Engaged Scholarship (ProCES; through its Derian Student Internship Program. The internship runs for 8 weeks during June and July. Students work 35 hours per week for 8 weeks and receive a summer stipend is $4,800. The 35-hour workweek includes participation in weekly ProCES programming for interns working on community-engaged research projects.

Interested? Write to Tessa Lowinske Desmond at to inquire by Monday, February 28. Dr. Desmond will conduct interviews during the week of February 28. She will accept inquiries after that on a rolling basis until the positions are filled.