Faculty Publication on ProCES Collaborations and Student Learning

Wednesday, Feb 5, 2020

Dr. Anna Alsina Naudi of Princeton’s Department of Spanish & Portuguese recently published an article about her ProCES course SPA 206: Legal and Business Spanish“Community Service-Learning Translations in a Legal Spanish Course” will appear in the spring issue of the L2 Journal and is available on the journal’s website. In the article, Dr. Naudi considers two community-related translation projects supported by ProCES: Asylum Seekers from Central America and The Henry J. Austin Health Center. 

The Asylum Seekers from Central America project worked in cooperation with Cristosal, a human rights organization that operates in El Salvador to help victims of violence. With the help of  Cristosal, three groups of students respectively Skype or phone interview one English-speaking attorney specializing in asylum cases from Central America. They then translate their interview transcripts into Spanish. The Henry J. Austin Health Center(HJAHC) is a Trenton-based non-profit organization that aims to provide community-based, affordable, and accessible primary health-care services. Students collaboratively translated HJAHC’s document on patient rights and responsibilities for Spanish-speaking patients under Dr. Naudi’s guidance. Both projects integrate language learning into students’ civic service in the Hispanic community.