Derian Interns collaborate with Princeton faculty on community-engaged summer projects

July 26, 2022

Princeton undergraduates collaborated with three faculty on community-oriented internships this summer.

Filmmaker and Princeton School of Public and International Affairs Documentary Film Specialist Purcell Carson collaborated with two ProCES-supported interns via The Trenton Project, a Princeton-based film workshop documenting stories of the city of Trenton. Alongside peers from the Aspiring Scholars and Professionals (ASAP) program at the Emma Bloomberg Center for Access & Opportunity and the Program in Journalism, interns created a short film telling the story of Hedgepeth-Williams Middle School's theater production of the landmark 1943 Hedgepeth and Williams v. The Board of Education case. The film will be premiered in Trenton this fall.

Dr. Tessa Lowinske Desmond, Associate Research Scholar and Lecturer in the Effron Center for the Study of America, hosted three ProCES-supported interns at The Seed Farm @ Princeton, a new research project based at the Stony Ford Research Site in Princeton, NJ, that studies heirloom seeds and traditional farming practices. Interns broke ground to plant and tend the first season of crops with the Turtle Clan of Northern New Jersey to support tribal efforts to rematriate ancestral seeds to the Munsee Three Sisters Medicinal Farm. Interns also worked with Ujamaa Cooperative Farming Alliance to catalog seeds that have cultural significance within the African Diaspora and with the Experimental Farm Network to identify heirloom seeds and plant varieties that offer promise for climate resilience.

Dr. Anna Arabindan-Kesson, Associate Professor of Art and Archaeology and African American Studies, mentored an intern working on Art Hx. Art Hx is a digital platform that presents object-based narratives to address how medicine, art, and race informed each other in the British Empire. The intern contributed content, analysis, and story-telling to the platform.

Learn more about the internship opportunities for enrolled students available through ProCES's Derian Internship fund.

Photo courtesy of Jared Flesher, Office of Sustainability