Congratulations 2022 Dobin Prize Winners

May 24, 2022

ProCES is proud to award this year's Dean Hank Dobin Prize in Community-Engaged Independent Work The prize is presented to students whose outstanding thesis best engages a community audience, whether through extensive research, policy recommendations, or new information and analysis. The prize is named after former Dean Dobin, who was instrumental to the creation of the Program for Community-Engaged Scholarship during his time at Princeton.

Congratulations to the 2022 winners!

First Prize: Jessica Lambert '22, Anthropology, for "Defending Our Freedom: The US Military, Environmental Contamination, and Ongoing Native Land Theft in the Choctaw Nation"

Second Prize: Ashley Morales '22, School of Public and International Affairs, for "An Analysis of Cooperative Housing in New York City Housing Policy"

Third Prize: Joshua Babu '22, Molecular Biology, for "Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy for Transgender Youth: Telomere Homeostasis, Psychological Wellbeing, and Barriers to Research"

The winners' executive summary reports are available on the ProCES website