for Faculty

Community-Engaged Teaching is an experiential learning pedagogy in which faculty collaborate with community partners and non-academic experts whose work is situated outside the university to identify community priorities and integrate these, through community-based learning, research, or class projects, into the academic goals of a course. Partners include non-profit, public sector, and non-governmental organizations and grassroots community leaders representing a variety of fields as well as social change frameworks. 

ProCES supports faculty teaching community-engaged courses by:

  • Working with the instructor and community partners to find alignment between community priorities and student learning goals;
  • Maintaining relationships with community partners during and beyond the course to ensure mutual understanding, shared goals, and a positive learning experience;
  • Supporting community-engaged course enhancements through funding, logistical, and administrative assistance;
  • Providing optional trainings for students participating in ProCES courses customized to the content and contexts of the community-based experience and course themes.