Urban Mental Health Alliance

The Urban Mental Health Alliance (UMHA) is a grassroots organization works to equip individuals and families with skills they need to be advocates for themselves and loved ones for mental health and recovery services.   UMHA is interested in research on generational trauma, its origins, and how to interrupt it through raising awareness and identifying effective preventative programs.   The organization wants to examine how oppressive infrastructures and racism affect mental health in communities of color, especially inner city populations.   In addition to the most prevalent causes of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), like war, sexual assault, and domestic violence, residents of high poverty urban areas experience other types of trauma that are not often recognized.   Gang/drug warfare, police violence, rampant street crime, poor housing, and generational poverty can all cause an individual to suffer from PTSD.   UMHA would like to explore these questions, continue to develop their community workshops specifically around positive mental health, and learn how the organization can better serve youths and Latino communities.