Sustainable Princeton

Established in 2009, Sustainable Princeton is an independent non-profit that works within the Princeton community to develop and implement solutions that positively impact our environment. Our vision is for Princeton to become a model town that examines every action through the lens of sustainability ensuring a healthy environment, a strong economy, and the well-being of all community members now and in the future. We work with the local government, residents, businesses, schools, the University and other institutions to make the community a more sustainable place.  

Potential projects:

Calculating the impact of strategies identified in the Climate Action Plan (CAP)

Supporting the implementation of specific CAP strategies which could include: Community Energy Aggregation, Community Solar, energy efficiency programs with a particular focus on our most vulnerable populations, support development of a tree inventory attuned to climate specific data tracking, assist with the developing and data collection of a flood mitigation map, assist with community wide education efforts to reduce contamination in waste bins (landfill, recycling, and compost)