Princeton Nursery School

Princeton Nursery School (PNS) has been serving local families for close to a century and providing their children with classes  set in a multicultural environment that develop the whole child.  Many children who attend PNS come from families that live at or below the federal poverty line.  The school educates many non-English speaking children.  PNS would like to broaden the range of the educational programming and materials they provide to parents in English and Spanish, especially to help parents learn more about health and wellness and integrating literacy and mathematics into children’s home lives.  Additionally, PNS wants to learn more about how to best support children in non-English speaking homes.  What are examples of effective programs or practices that other schools use to bolster language skills for this population?  Is there research that explores the effects of living in a non-English speaking home on reading levels later on and/or the positive impacts of preschool education for these children?