Old Bridge Public Schools

Old Bridge Public Schools (OBPS) is a Character.org National District of Character.  Serving approximately 9,200 students in Middlesex County in 12 elementary schools, two middle schools, one 9th Grade Center, and one high school,  each school is individually recognized as a National School of Character.  Throughout the district, most 4th graders participate in a Kids At College program once a year.  The program was established in 2003 by elementary school counselors, and currently half of the students now in the OBHS senior class participated.  OBPS would like to understand the impact of the program and looks to expand it to 9th grade as well.  Additionally, OBPS is interested in research on school climate, chronic absenteeism, meeting the social-emotional learning needs of  both ESL students and students with the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Gifted and Talented curricula for K-2, college and career readiness programming, teaching about inclusion, and anti-bullying education.  OBPS is willing to discuss other topics of interest to students if they wish to partner with the district.