New Jersey Council for the Humanities

The mission of the New Jersey Council for the Humanities (NJCH) is to harness the power of the humanities to strengthen our pluralistic society. Its vision is a New Jersey that delights in diversity, appreciates that there are no easy answers, and finds joy and understanding in the humanities. NJCH enables public programs and humanities experiences that deepen our understanding of ourselves and our world. NJCH is a grantmaker, program provider, partner, convener, and innovator that works with statewide and community organizations to bring dynamic programming to the local level.   NJCH is considering the racial and ethnic diversity of contemporary New Jersey through investigating the interests, issues, and cultural traditions important to different specific racial, ethnic, and gender minority communities.    Students can build off of work from a previous summer intern’s project with millennial Muslims.   Another intern explored stigmas around mental health in Muslim communities in Paterson, NJ.   Independent work components could include identifying the social service, community, and/or faith-based organizations that serve the chosen community and conducting interviews with outreach personnel. Questions you might ask could include: What complicates the community’s interests?    What divisions and diversity exist within the community itself?   Of the interests, ideas, and/or cultural traditions identified, which are most promising for humanities programming and why?