Kidsbridge works to cultivate empathetic individuals and caring citizens who live their lives without prejudice or discrimination and who are positive advocates for themselves and others.   The organization provides imaginative, hands-on programs focusing on: media and anti-cyberbullying, diversity appreciation, conflict resolution, positive self-esteem, victim empowerment, “UPstander” skills, sensitivity to persons with disabilities, understanding of LGBTQ persons, mindfulness, and grassroots youth activism.  

The organization’s programming is delivered to early childhood, elementary and middle school students primarily through its Mobile Outreach program and its Tolerance Center.   Always interested in continuous curriculum improvement to serve students, Kidsbridge wants to investigate best practice in media literacy and cyberbullying prevention. The past few years, Kidsbridge has seen a rise in cyber-bullying and hate speech.   The organization is always looking for ways to combat intolerance through evidence-based interventions that lead to increased social-emotional intelligence.   Projects that investigate media literacy, evaluate the developmental outcomes of Kidsbridge programming, and the impact of increased screen time on empathy levels are areas of particular interest to the organization.