Hope Loves Company

Hope Loves Company (HLC) is the only non-profit in the U.S. with the mission of providing educational and emotional support to children and young adults who had or have a loved one battling Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig's disease, a terminal motor neuron disease.   Among many other things, the organization offers Camp HLC in five locations across the country.   The camp is a free three-day, overnight retreat for children and young adults, ages 6-21, who have or have had a loved one suffering from ALS.   The camps provide opportunities to have fun, be challenged through team building exercises, meet other children who are in the same situation, and get support in the grieving process.   Currently HLC uses the same curriculum for both children who are losing a loved one and for those who have already lost one.   The organization would like to generate curricula that address the needs of both groups separately.   HLC is also interested in developing age-appropriate materials that they can send home with their campers to support them as they grieve.   Additionally, they would like to expand the training they offer to their volunteers, many of whom have lost a parent to ALS, and provide more to the care-giving parents whose children attend the camp.