Henry J. Austin Health Center, Inc. (HJAHC)

HJAHC was first established in 1969 as Trenton's Neighborhood Health Center, and then incorporated in 1986 as a private, non-profit 501(c) (3) entity. The mission of HJAHC is to deliver quality primary care services in a culturally sensitive manner with respect and dignity. Primary health care services include: adult medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, HIV treatment, dental care, podiatry, and ophthalmology. Additional services are nutrition, social service, substance abuse assessment and intervention, behavioral health, translation services, transportation, and an onsite pharmacy.   HJAHC is concerned about the scarcity of pediatric care providers that don’t take Medicaid.   How can Trenton increase the availability of quality pediatric care?   Additionally, HJAHC wants to explore how it can use patient activation measurements to improve consultations and ultimately the health outcomes of their patients.   The Center also has an interest in exploring medical/legal partnerships to provide advocacy for patients who cannot advocate for themselves and to especially address environmental factors that affect patients’ health.

Finally, HJAHC has found that many parents refuse to get their children vaccinated.  When a healthcare provider has only 15 minutes to interact with the patient, how can s/he provide information in a compelling way that will persuade parents to get their children vaccinated?  Have other resource-challenged communities increased the rates of vaccinations?  How?  Beyond the CDC’s Immunization Schedules, what kind of information can HJAHC distribute to parents?