Every Child Valued

Every Child Valued (ECV) provides afterschool and summer programming to the children in Lawrence Township to eliminate the historic pattern of achievement gaps among students in the Lawrence Township Public Schools. ECV is situated within the Eggerts Crossing Village, which is a subsidized, family-rental housing development.  In an effort to engage more deeply with parents, ECV is putting on a dinner series 4 times a year to share information with parents and hear about their concerns and needs.  This setting would be an excellent place to circulate materials and present on various health topics.  Topics of interest include influenza vaccinations, dental health, effects of screen time, bedtime routines, understanding Individual Education Plans (IEPs), mental health, illness prevention, mindfulness, and signs that a child might have special needs.  ECV is also looking to put on a health fair for the whole Village and would like to have information to share with families.