Einstein’s Alley

Einstein’s Alley is a private, non-profit economic development initiative located in Central New Jersey. Its mission is to foster economic growth through advocacy and to promote entrepreneurship to help attract new innovative research-based companies, and retain already existing businesses.  The organization is interested in gathering and sharing data about the future of work, particularly the projected impact of automation on different industries and the changing nature of future jobs including the necessity for apprenticeship programs for workforce development.  Einstein’s Alley also wants to know how to best support immigration reform.  Additionally, how can Einstein’s Alley help municipalities make themselves more desirable for research based companies, keep high-skilled immigrants (and the economic growth they generate) in their communities and draw in new businesses?   How can municipalities attract and retain young people who are looking for sustainable places to live, work, and play with good transportation options?   Finally, what are the key issues Einstein’s Alley and its members could lobby for that would help drive innovation in NJ?