Eden Autism

Established in 1975, Eden Autism is widely recognized for its excellence in providing education, training, and adult day and residential services to individuals with autism, family members, educators, and other professionals.  Its programs and curriculum have been adopted by institutions across the country.  Eden is currently reviewing and implementing an organizational excellence framework, which is a multi-year effort, to ensure the organization continues to offer the most robust, evidence-based programs possible especially as it considers expanding its school (ages 3-21) and residential services (ages 21+).  Eden has a keen interest in finding pathways to more deeply engage the individuals with autism whom it supports through social connections and volunteerism in their communities.  Additionally, the organization seeks to identify best practices for art education within the population with autism and for supporting such individuals who want to pursue online and other platforms for the purpose of monetizing goods that they create.  If students are interested in clinical research, Eden would be open to discussing potential projects.