Anchor House

Anchor House Inc. provides a continuum of services for runaway and homeless youth which includes street outreach, youth shelter, transitional living group home, transitional apartments for older homeless youth, rapid rehousing and supportive housing apartments, as well as school outreach prevention and intervention services to at-risk school age youth. The largest program, Anchor House Shelter provides emergency shelter and crisis intervention for youth under 17 years of age. One of its primary funders is the NJDCF Division of Child Protection and Permanency which has launched a Family First Initiative with the goal of  preventing out-of-home placement by providing short-term, intensive in-home family education and crisis intervention to families with children at risk of out-of-home placement, or who are being reunified from out-of-home placement. This is becoming a national initiative and Anchor House is interested in knowing how this initiative will impact its programing.