Host a Student Intern

2020 Derian/ProCES Summer Research Internship Program

Supported by funds named in honor of Patricia Derian, former Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs in the Carter administration



The Program for Community-Engaged Scholarship (ProCES) is an academic program that connects the curriculum with Princeton's signature commitment to service.  It fosters collaborative, change-oriented projects of an intellectual nature that benefit students, faculty members, and community partners.  The Derian/ProCES Summer Research Internship program is designed to meet non-profits’ needs for research and information while providing interns with experience in the sector that will help inform decisions on their career and future studies.  



The internship is built around an information need or research question.  Information gathered by Derian/ProCES interns might be used to evaluate or improve programming, consider future community needs, establish working relationships with other organizations, investigate the current literature and/or trends in the non-profit’s field(s) and otherwise increase organizational capacity.  The interns produce final products for their hosts, which could include a short report, presentations, survey instruments, data analyses, or other materials to distribute to the organization’s clients, staff or the community. The program allows Princeton undergraduates to learn about local non-profit organizations through immersion, to focus on those organizations’ research needs for an extended period of time, and, for upperclassmen, to begin thinking about the position of community-engaged scholarship in their major.  ProCES interns are not typical office interns, but instead they help investigate important issues you have identified but cannot address immediately.



Please see the calendar on the following page for more details about what to expect in the months ahead.  ProCES pays a stipend in addition to providing allowances for housing and transportation costs; there is no out-of-pocket cost for the selected host organizations.  However, while ProCES coordinates the program, the host organization provides primary supervision.  Interns work somewhat independently and nearly full-time for the host organization for 8 weeks in the summer.  They spend half a day each week exploring research questions related to their own academic interests, which generally touch upon the research topic(s) they are addressing for your organization.  They will also participate in on-campus programming approximately 2-3 hours per week.  Interns will regularly work remotely so as to take full advantage of the research resources available on campus.  ProCES will request that the interns are excused for at least one half-day cohort outing.  



The application is due on Tuesday, November 26, 2019. Please inform us by Wednesday, November 13 of your intention to apply.  ProCES staff will select host organizations and announce the results to all applicants. Initial position descriptions will be posted on Princeton’s student job board in early to mid-December.  Organizations selected to host 2020 Derian/ProCES interns will be required to provide additional detail about final research projects, data sources, and supervision. 

Please contact Trisha Thorme, ProCES Director, with any questions.  She can be reached at or 609-258-6927.