Arm In Arm

Arm In Arm was founded in 1980 by leaders of Nassau Presbyterian Church in Princeton and Trinity Church in Princeton to help families and individuals struggling financially.  The organization wants to equip its clients with skills that will enable them to gain a livable wage with opportunities for advancement (e.g. entry level vs. minimum wage).  Arm In Arm offers ServSafe training for a certificate program in safe food handling as well as a retail/customer service certificate and wants to offer its clients training in marketing related careers, such as those in social media.  Students in a spring 2017 course proposed programming to address that need, but the plans need to be developed and funded.  Additionally, industries and careers around growing food are of interest, such as growing food in truck containers hydroponically and then delivering the produce to food deserts.

Arm In Arm is also seeking input on study design, data collection, and analysis for tracking outcomes within its programs and using it to improve its services. Recent summer research interns have performed analyses that can be furthered on food, housing, and streamlining communication with clients.  A 2015 ORFE thesis examined 10 years’ worth of data to identify the organization’s target population and uncover patterns in the clients’ needs. 2016 and 2017 psychology theses also offer insights into clients’ behaviors.